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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


My name is PARADISE.G.I was born in a HINDHU familly,my father name is Govindan,mother name is Kalyani.I was brought up in worshiping the Idols from my childhood .And even i trusted in those Idols except the True Saviour Lord Jesus Christ.Our family God is Venketswara swamy at Thirupathi,located in Hills,we worshiped this God ,and yearly once we are going to worship and giving our Hairs to the  God as a offering.we 12 childrens to our parents,our parents puted the names to us our Hindu God's names to all.I am the 11th child in to my Home,remaining 9 members of my elders were died .We are very poor there is no such a House,clothes,food to father is a Drunker therefore he beats  my mother & us whenever he had that.There is no Peaceful Life to us.
   When i completed my elementory school, i  has joined in a Christian Hostel to Study Higher classes,in that Hostel i Heared about Jesus Christ Love,salvation,I went Regularly The Sunday school class,When i was studying 9th standerd I has Accepted Lord Jesus Christ as my personal saviour in the Hostel Life.
      And,after completion of my Degree course,and Medical lab-technision course Lord called me for his ministry on 1988 from that year I dedicated my life fully to serve for Jesus Christ,on 1991 I has married to Glory Geetha a christian woman,now i am blessed with 3 childrens and our family members are involved in the ministry .I am doing The Lord's ministry in the Villages among the poor people,Hindus , Muslims, Tribels,hills,and slum area .Since 22 years I am doing the Lord's ministry as a Pastor in the Villages.To the Glory of Lord Now we blessed with 5 Branch churches,and with 450 believers.we hope that The Lord will expand our ministry . I am a church planter
Kindly pray for our Ministry.

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